PremiumV® Variable (VRF) Capacity
Forced Air Comfort System


The PremiumV® is one of the most advanced and energy efficient heating and cooling systems in the world.

Hidden behind its sleek blue and stainless steel exterior, the PremiumV® features a variable capacity compressor that can run at as little as 20% of normal operation for maximum comfort, and efficiency. When coupled with our variable speed ECM fan motor and a variable flow ground loop circulator, the intelligent system can actually scale its output based on current weather conditions and your comfort requirements to ensure you have the right amount of heating or cooling when you need it.

PremiumV® uses R-410A refrigerant, robust next generation communicating controls and the unmatched energy efficiency of geothermal to deliver the finest in comfort and energy savings. If you are looking for the ultimate GeoSmart Energy system, the PremiumV® is in a category of its own.

Features & Benefits

  • most energy efficient
  • 5.3 COP / 41.0 EER (ARI 13256-1 GLHP)
  • VRJ variable speed compressor with external variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • ECM variable speed fan
  • desuperheater option
  • performance monitoring on thermostat
  • cost effective
  • ultimate forced air comfort
  • safe, clean and eco-friendly
  • reliable

Available Literature

PremiumV Brochure

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PremiumV Install Manual

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PremiumV Spec Catalog

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The GeoSmart Energy PremiumV® is ARI Performance Certified® by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute, is safety listed by ETL (Electronic Testing Laboratories) and exceeds performance standards for the ENERGY STAR® rating.