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Thanks to our innovative solutions committed to the environment, Geosmart gives you the chance to eliminate the consumption of fossil fuels and get the most out of the energy you use, while simultaneously reducing your electricity bills. With our Netzero series inverter heat pumps, it is now possible to achieve maximum comfort using your natural surroundings, while also saving your money.

GeoSmart NetZero series is available in a wide range of power that covers from 1 kW to 22 kW incorporating variable speed inverter driven compressors. The inverter regulates the speed of the compressor and thanks to GeoSmart’s NetZero control strategies it adapts to the comfort demand, which allows it to make a rational use of the energy consumed. In this way only the energy demanded by the building is provided at each moment.

NetZero series inverter driven heat pumps allow you to substantially increase your savings, not only because of the high efficiency with which they operate on a daily basis, but thanks to the technology and experience of GeoSmart and our partners, these geothermal heat pumps have a simpler installation that is more compact and economical than other heat pumps on the market.