NetZero Aerothermal
Air to Water Heat Exchanger


The Aerothermal air to water heat exchanger allows our NetZero heat pumps to use external air as source of energy, effectively turning NetZero Basic and Compact units into an air to water heat pump.

In installations where the geothermal option is limited or not available, the Aerothermal unit (AU12) is the solution. The AU12 is equipped with a very quiet and highly efficient axial Ziehl-Abegg fan, that with our exclusive defrost technology allows to significantly increase the seasonal performance factor (SPF). This system completely eliminates the idle times of the heat pump during defrost cycle, because isn’t necessary to invert the refrigerant cycle or to activate external electrical heaters during the process.

In addition, the AU12 can be used in conjuction with a geothermal loop system to run the NetZero heat pump in hybrid ground/air source mode.

* defrost cycle is only available in models B2, B4, C2 and C4 of the NetZero domestic range.

** Ideal for domestic or industrial installations where the geothermal option is limited or not available.


Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with models B2, B4, C2 and C4 of the domestic range of ecoGEO heat pumps
  • Hybrid mode function incorporated, combines geothermal and aerothermal as energy source
  • Unique defrost system.
  • Equipped with an Axial Ziehl-Abbeg fan, the most efficient and low noise fan in the market

  • Variable speed control of the fan
  • Exclusive hydraulic installation
  • Special protections to work in the most weather extreme conditions
  • Flexible installation position of the air unit
  • It works on external temperatures of -15°C

Available Literature

Aerothermal Install Manual

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