TED Pro Home Real-Time In-Home Electricity Monitor


With energy prices on the rise, it is more important than ever to manage your consumption. Since you cannot manage what you cannot measure we now offer the NEW TED Pro Home state-of-the-art electricity monitoring system. This system allows you to view real-time electricity usage on your computer, locally or remotely. Now you can perform your own household energy audits, project monthly bills, and reduce and manage your electricity usage. New and improved accessories allow you view data easier with two display options, and include the ability to monitor individual breakers with the new TED Spyder.

Ever want to know exactly how much electricity your heating and cooling system is using? With TED Pro Home, you can easily track and break down where your energy dollars are being spent, and easily make adjustments to conserve, or use energy when rates are the lowest.

Features & Benefits

  • advanced, state-of-the-art Powerline Carrier Communication: – easier setup and improved performance – smooth, reliable communication over existing powerlines
  • ability to monitor up to 32 individual circuits (with ooptional NEW TED Spyders): – Track usage and monitor individual rooms/circuits
  • features a NEW Energy Control Center (ECC): – embedded with new version of Footprints data-logging Software – customizable graphing (data ranges and colors) – USNAP expandable – displays power factor
  • ability to send/post data to multiple third party applications
  • multiple display options (wired & wireless Display available)

Available Literature

TED Pro-Home Installation Manual

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TED Spyder Installation Manual

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