GeoSmart Unveils Energy-Saving Premium Q

the all‐in‐one quad function geothermal system

February 2, 2009

Negril, JAMAICA – Canada’s GeoSmart Energy is once again demonstrating why it’s a force to be
reckoned with in the HVAC industry with the formal launch of its latest geothermal heating and cooling
system, the Premium Q.

With a reputation for innovative and consumer‐oriented product development, the Cambridge, Ontario
company unveiled the leading edge ‘all‐in‐one’ quad function geothermal system today and received an
enthusiastic response at its annual GeoSmart dealer training session in Negril, Jamaica.

“The Premium Q represents the latest in environmentally friendly geothermal technology, moving
heating and cooling functionality, reliability and optimum home comfort to new levels,” says Stan
Marco, CEO, GeoSmart Energy. “Compared with regular furnaces and air conditioners, this versatile unit
can provide homeowners with energy savings up to 60 percent.”

Hidden behind its attractive, compact stainless steel and blue exterior is a multi‐function unit that taps
into the earth’s energy to provide homeowners with forced air heating and cooling, hydronic (radiant)
heat and domestic hot water production ‐ all in one convenient package. Hydronic heat is widely
considered to offer the greatest home comfort, while forced air is regarded to be the most cost effective
way to heat and cool a home. GeoSmart’s new system combines the best of both worlds.

“The Premium Q can potentially eliminate the need for homeowners to purchase a boiler unit for
radiant heat, a furnace for the rest of the house, and an air conditioner for cooling the home in the
summer,” notes Chad Brezynskie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, GeoSmart Energy. “They’ll find
all three in this one, convenient unit ‐ the most cost‐effective, energy efficient all‐in‐one geothermal
system available on the market today.”

The Premium Q quad system combines environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, a dual capacity scroll
compressor and the unmatched energy efficiency of geothermal technology. When coupled with the
company’s intelligent thermostats and an integrated monitoring system, it provides the finest in heating
and cooling comfort and reliability.

John Kubilanski of Kub Mechanical & Geothermal Services, one of 50 GeoSmart dealers from across
North America to attend the product unveiling, is impressed with GeoSmart’s ability to consistently raise
the bar when it comes to product development. “The Premium Q is another fine example of why
GeoSmart is one of North America’s leading geothermal suppliers. Not only are they stellar when it
comes to dealer services and technical support but their attention to design, function and efficiency is
second to none, and I am truly looking forward to showcasing the Premium Q to my customers when I
return to West St Paul, Manitoba.”

GeoSmart’s geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the free and renewable energy stored in
the earth. By simply moving heat energy to or from the home and earth through a ground loop system,
a geothermal unit achieves efficiency levels that ordinary gas furnaces or air conditioners are unable to

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