Quebec RenoVert Tax Incentive

Quebec RénoVert 20% Tax Credit, Rénoclimat and ChauffezVert Incentives

RénoVert Tax CreditOn March 18, 2016 the Government of Quebec announced the rollout of the RénoVert Tax Credit. The RénoVert program is a refundable tax credit for eco-friendly home renovations that is intended for individuals who have a qualified contractor carry out recognized eco-friendly renovation work on their principal place of residence or a winterized cottage they normally occupy.

The amount of the tax credit you can claim in respect of an eligible dwelling corresponds to 20% of the portion of your eligible expenses paid after March 17, 2016, and before October 1, 2017, that exceeds $2,500, up to a maximum tax credit of $10,000.

Rénoclimat ProgramIn addition to this refundable tax credit, you may also be eligible for the financial assistance offered in respect of eco-friendly home renovation under the Rénoclimat program administered by the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles. Rénoclimat is a government program that has been available since 2007 to encourage owners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. See chart below for the amount available for Geothermal.

Type of system Financial assistance Conditions
Geothermal system From $2,115 to $5,365
  • Replacement or installation of a complete geothermal system
  • The amount varies based on whether the main heating system uses electricity or fuel oil.

Lastly the Government of Quebec also has a third program called ChauffezVert (Heating with Green Power) that can also be combined with the above RénoVert and Rénoclimat programs. Financial assistance is available to you under the ChauffezVert program for the replacement of fossil-fueled systems with systems that use electricity or other renewable sources of energy.

Financial assistance approval under the ChauffezVert program is conditional to the observance of eligibility conditiChauffez-Vert-Logo-300x101ons, the confirmation of your registration by the program’s administrator and the ability to demonstrate that the fuel-fired system has been removed.

You must register to participate in the ChauffezVert program before starting any dismantlement work on your fuel-fired system.

It is possible to cumulate financial assistance from Heating with Green Power and from Rénoclimat as long as you follow the entire participation process of the Rénoclimat program and you receive an energy evaluation of your home before you start any work. Find out more about the Rénoclimat registration process.

ChauffezVert Heating system conversions

Financial assistance for the replacement of a heating system
Types of single family homes Heating oil Other fossil fuel
Single family home $1,275 $850
Semi-detached or row home   $875 $650
Mobile home $1,075 $600

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