GeoSmart and F.W. Webb Team Up

Team Up to Offer Residential Geothermal Products and Services in the United States

September 29, 2008

Cambridge, ON – GeoSmart Energy Inc. (GeoSmart) is pleased to announce a partnership with
F.W. Webb Company (F.W. Webb), America’s largest distributor of plumbing, heating, cooling and
piping products in the Northeast.

“We have selected a powerhouse of a partner to enter the residential geothermal market in the
United States,” explains Stan Marco, CEO of GeoSmart. “This is truly a home run, for us both!”
F.W. Webb will exclusively market GeoSmart’s leading geothermal heating and cooling systems
residentially throughout their vast network of 70 locations.

“Our customers are asking for green, eco-friendly, cost-effective and efficient energy products due
to rising energy prices and increased environmental awareness,” comments John E. Thomas, VP of
HVAC & Controls with F.W. Webb. “By leveraging GeoSmart’s vast experience with this technology
we now have the confidence and knowledge required to do ‘geo’ the right way.”

Recently, GeoSmart rolled out their product offering and Geothermal Specialist training program to
nearly 100 employees at F.W. Webb’s corporate headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts.

“I now understand why geothermal is truly the way to go,” says Jeff Grenier, an F.W. Webb Account
Manager in Rutland, Vermont following the GeoSmart training. “The GeoSmart products are the
highest rated and most efficient in the industry plus they really look great – my customers are going
to love it!”

GeoSmart’s geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the free and renewable energy stored
in the earth. By simply moving heat energy to or from the home and earth through a ground loop
system, a geothermal unit achieves efficiency levels that ordinary gas furnaces or air conditioners
are unable to reach.


GeoSmart Energy is a leading geothermal heating and cooling supplier to residential and
commercial markets. As one of the largest purveyors of geothermal technology and training,
GeoSmart is continually asked globally for their knowledge and geothermal implementation
expertise. Visit us at

Robert J. Longphee
Director of Communications & Public Relations
GeoSmart Energy
o: 866.310.6690
c: 647.938.7367


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