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GeoSmart Energy Partners with GeoThermal Tools, Inc. to distribute the most advanced tools in geothermal pipe fusion

February 9, 2011

Negril, Jamaica – GeoSmart Energy, the most experienced and respected name in geothermal energy solutions, is once again demonstrating its aptitude for innovation as it formalizes a partnership with New Jersey-based GeoThermal Tools, Inc. to bring the latest in geothermal socket fusion tools to the Canadian market.

The move means geothermal installers across the country will have access to customized socket fusion tools and accessories designed specifically for applications in geothermal installations.

“All too often, Canadian geothermal installers find themselves using socket fusion tools made for the natural gas industry which uses smaller pipes,” says Stephen Marco, Operations Manager, GeoSmart Energy. “Their tools aren’t made for fusing the larger 1 ¼” and 2” geothermal pipes in our industry, often making pipe fusion a two-person job.”

GeoSmart Energy and GeoThermal Tools, Inc. have pooled their respective expertise to develop a custom line of socket fusion tools and accessories to meet the specialized demands of the Canadian geothermal industry.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with GeoSmart Energy to bring Canadian geothermal installers the most advanced socket fusion tools on the market today, combining the best in quality, price and functionality,” says Mike Goekbora of GeoThermal Tools, Inc.

As the exclusive distributor of GeoThermal Tools, Inc. socket fusion tools in Canada, GeoSmart Energy is able to bring this top quality line of customized tools to market under the highly respected GeoSmart Energy banner at a significant cost savings to the installer.

GeoSmart Energy’s Socket Fusion Residential Toolkit features a wide range of top-of-the-line fusion tools and accessories to meet even the most challenging of fusion conditions including:

  • An ergonomic two-handled fusion iron, making larger diameter pipe fusions easier to handle
  • A 1600 watt, 120VAC double heating element for faster heating time (versus traditional single element fusion irons) particularly in cold weather conditions, adjustable for temperatures up to 570F
  • Heat adapters that are stick resistant and that allow up to three socket-fusion pairs to be connected at a time, if needed
  • A two-year limited warranty.

The addition of stands and stakes to some tools also means that some jobs, traditionally requiring two installers, can now be safely managed by a single user.

“The GeoThermal Tools, Inc. line of customized top quality and cost effective geothermal tools is a perfect complement to our high quality line of geothermal and solar energy products,” says Marco. “Geothermal contractors and loop installers seeking to equip their crews with the best socket fusion tools available on the market today need look no further than their own backyard.”

Pipefuser TK200

Pipefuser TK200

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GeoThermal Tools
GeoThermal Tools, Inc. is a supplier of socket fusion tools and accessories, located in New Jersey, addressing the needs of the geothermal industry.   The company’s fusion equipment, branded PipeFuser, affords the user an optimum quality/price/functionality combination, most appreciated by newcomers to the field.

GeoSmart Energy
GeoSmart Energy is a leading geothermal heating and cooling supplier to residential and commercial markets. As one of the largest purveyors of geothermal technology and training, GeoSmart is continually asked globally for their knowledge and geothermal implementation expertise. Visit us at www.geosmartenergy.com

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